Who Cares Wins’ aim is to raise funds to build a purpose-built mental health hospital built for homeless Ex-service personnel and ex-soldiers with chronic mental health issues.

By buying Who Dares Wins t-shirts you are helping homeless veterans.

Highlighting the Lack of Help for Homeless Ex-Service Personnel

The charity ‘Help for Heroes’ is doing a great job in raising money for the injured soldiers and making donations to ex-services charities. There are good press and TV coverage of Help for Heroes events that help raise money for injured ex-serving soldiers.

Sadly, the ex-services with shattered minds due to their service to their country are being overlooked.

The NHS does not have the trained staff to help Ex services deal with service-related mental problems such as PTSD which causes many to sink into homelessness, alcoholism, drug addiction, reclusive lifestyles or kill themselves.

Combat Stress

Combat Stress (a charity that helps ex-service personnel with mental problems) would admit that they are understaffed and underfunded, which means that many ex service-personnel are not able to get the help they should!

Did you know it can take up to 6 months before a combat stress rep comes out to see an ex-soldier for assessment, then maybe up to 18 months before the ex service-person sufferer enters a combat stress unit.

Who Cares Wins’ aim is to raise funds for homeless Ex-soldiers.

Once the ex service-person is at the Combat Stress facility they will assess you via a psychiatrist and a psychologist. They then send the assessment to the Doctor of the Ex-serviceman/ woman. Sounds good right? But what happens next? Well, that report gathers dust because the NHS is not equipped to help treat chronic PTSD sufferers. Combat Stress do not have the facilities to treat chronically mentally ill ex-service personal either.